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“Plurisensoriel 6”

08/12/2007 - 08/02/2008



Bertrand LE ROY



Ju-Young PARK


Capucine SARKOZY

Suzanne SO


At the invitation of Gilbert Coquard, the Center Culturel de Flaine is hosting the 6th National School of Arts of Paris-Cergy for the 6th edition of Plurisensoriel.

Jean-Michel Brinon, architect, and Victor Grillo, artist, teachers at the School, train eight students from the "Art and Architecture" research and creation workshop in the footsteps of Marcel Breuer and on the slopes of Flaine. Their approach is that of a week-long workshop, seven days of work to carry out on the site of the works exposed on the seventh day. Thus, the world was created.


The world of art is not necessarily that of globalization. If she takes the world as a sling, it's here and now, locally. Within the constraints of the site, it does not globalize an event, it liberates the advent of the possible and makes singularly present, in the measured game of artifices, the recommenced time of the fictions of which we are made.


In Flaine, the unity of time and place, the density of experience, the intensity of research and production work and, in the process, the sanction of the exhibition, leave no room for entertainment or to repentance. Well done, badly done, you will see, the work presented puts us to work. He works on us and exposes us again to the game of the world. It is a meeting and a contemporary sharing.



René Denizot

ENSAPC Director

December 2007


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