Practical information


The Flaine Art Center is situated in Flaine Forum’s commercial center, right above the tourist office. 

Flaine Art Center is open during the winter and summer seasons.
Opening times: 4 pm to 7 pm, Sunday to Friday, appointment during the inter-seasons.

Tel: +33 450 904 173

At 2pm every Tuesday during the season, the Center organizes a guided visit of the resort entitled:
‘Everything you want to know about Flaine but have never dared to ask!’


  • Flaine Art Center and the ‘Association Solarium Tournant’ organise the artist residency programme.
  • Flaine Art Center is a member of the ‘Altitudes’ Contemporary Art in the Alps network.
  • Flaine Art Center has been approved by the Council of Haute Savoie.
  • Flaine Art Center is in a partnership with ACRA.