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These are only hypotheses

Julia Maier, Arthur Poisson et Nicolas Koch

A long time ago Flainoz was only a small valley of mountains, since Flaine knew how to create its history. Following a series of investigations, contemplations and meetings Julia, Arthur and Nicolas have set up an imaginary laboratory, a place of explorations on a reduced scale which tries to update a new history for this valley.

It was by observing the archive photos of the construction of the station presented in the window opposite the cultural center that the story began. On a photo dated 17.11.70 at 12.00h, a pile of wood, placed in the center of the site holds their attention, from this moment the hypotheses on the multiple possible forms that these boards would have taken will materialize in the form of models presented at the cultural center. 15 hypotheses will emerge, always made with the same 27 boards, among which we can find a ski jump in a kit, a formwork for an architecture worthy of Breuer, a passage for dahu or a staircase that goes up to the starting point.

On all the models built at 1:10 only three of them will be tested at scale 1 within the territory of Flain, each placed at a precise point, interacting with its place of reception, with the landscape and enjoying a triangulation perfect since responding to the law of the golden ratio.

"The big F" is the desire to register FLAINE, Follywood of the Alps, at an altitude of 2500 m at the top of the Grandes Platières facing Mont Blanc.

“Swing au 10” is the most sculptural answer of all the proposals. The wooden panels playing with the ever-changing light are placed on the course of the Golf de Flaine at the start of 10

"The side step offers a typical view" is an overhanging platform located in the plain of the Lake, once installed at the end of the pier you can admire a view of the most authentic (chalet-fir-lake-cows)

These three hypotheses are now part of the Flaine landscape for an uncertain time…


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