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Below the sea of ​​clouds

Emilien Adage


July 5 to August 29 2014

We feared 2012, it is finally 2014 which risks being the year of too many. In Flaine, the progressive melting of the snow suggests a hitherto unlisted form.

Noting the appearance of what we will call the “simple form”, the station authorities have decided to mandate a specialist, the plastic artist Émilien Adage. He is a regular at appearances of all kinds as well as a creator of various artistic experiments, which suggests his ability to find an explanation for this sudden outbreak.


During the month of June, accompanied in their research by a college of experts in various sciences and other concerns (geography, aesthetics, town planning, literature, hiking, photography, etc.), they got as close as possible to the so-called " simple form ”by taking the path taken forty years earlier by Gérard Chervaz and Jacques Boissonnas - from Sixt Fer à Cheval to the famous White Desert of Flaine. They were able to study it, map it, represent it, analyze it in order to give their interpretation of this mysterious FSNI - Simple Unidentified Form - and this, as soon as they returned from expedition, Saturday July 5 from 6 p.m.


The conclusions of this study will remain available for consultation at the Cultural Center of Flaine, from July 6 to August 29.


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