Jaune Secret III
Monique Frydman

Jaune Secret III (Yellow Secret III) 1989
(Flaine Auditorium entrance hall)

Diptyque pastel and pigment on cotton canvas stretched over a frame. 175 x 350
Gift of La Culture Pour Vivre to the Flaine intercommunal organisation, September 2008.

Monique Frydman (1943 -)

A French painter, Monique Frydman is one of the most important figures of French abstract art. She is part of the ‘post-modern’ generation of radical deconstructionist painters, close to the ‘Support-Surface’ movement. She is also a committed and militant political activist.

The painting

Acquired by the ‘Culture pour Vivre’ association during Monique Frydman’s exhibition at the Flaine Art Centre in summer 1989, ‘Jaune Secret III’ is the result of a new, more tactile painting technique. The canvas is first lain on the ground and dampened with glue. Pigments are then applied through impregnation and pastels added by frottage. The series from this period - including the ‘Jaune Secrets’ - show a gradual move towards a monochromatic effect. Frydman often uses yellows because she associates this colour with impressionist art. “Acidic yellows, which tend towards green, have always fascinated me.”


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