Les faisceaux
Davos Hanich

Bundles of Stainless Steel Rods, 1970-1971 
(Flaine Forum tunnel)

Gift of La Culture Pour Vivre to the Flaine intercommunal organisation, September 2008.

Davos Hanich (1922 – 1987)

Davos Hanich was a French sculptor. He studied painting at the national school of Les Beaux-Arts in Paris before becoming the student and assistant of Fernand Léger. He designed the sculpture above the fountain in Marcel Mouloudji Square in Paris, and the bundles of metal rods that decorate the covered roadway in Flaine. 

The sculpture

Éric and Sylvie Boissonnas commissioned this work. The bundles of steel rods link the concrete pillars of the covered roadway. Their shadows are projected onto the walls.

Find out more about the artist and his works at: https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Davos_Hanich


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