Empreintes de corde
Vera Cardot

‘Empreintes de Cordes’ (Rope Imprints), 1986
Balance, Bélier et Capricorne buildings

Gift of La Culture Pour Vivre to the Flaine intercommunal organisation, September 2008.

Véra Cardot, (1929-2003)

Véra Cardot was a French artist and modeller of Hungarian origin. She was interested in photographing art and architecture, and in 1960 started collaborating with Pierre Joly. Together they produced a series of photo-documentaries on contemporary architecture, including the resort of Flaine.

The sculptures

Éric and Sylvie Boissonnas commissioned this work. Incrusted in the concrete walls of three small buildings designed by Marcel Breuer in Flaine Forêt, the rope imprints take the form of the constellations which they are named after, Balance (Libra), Belier (Aries) and Capricorne. They can be seen by skiers heading towards the pistes.

Find out more about the artist and her works at: https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Véra_Cardot


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