Guide tout of the resort

28 | 06 | 24

”Everything you ever wanted to know about Flaine, but never dared to ask”

Every Tuesday at 2pm during the seasons, the Flaine Art Centre organizes a guided tour of the resort. The director of the centre will take you on a meandering path through Flaine, to explain the history of the resort and tell you local stories. You will learn all about life in the villages around Flaine before the arrival of the ‘white gold’. 

It will also open your eyes to the architecture of the resort, and you will stop seeing the concrete and start noticing the diamond-shaped forms in the facades. You will be among the privileged few to open the door of Marcel Breuer’s chapel and discover its lustre chandelier. You will learn how Jean Dubuffet invented the polystyrene-cutting wire, and also about the illusionist skills of Victor Valserey. And at the end you will have the opportunity to sing in the auditorium!

Details and compulsory registration at the Flaine Art Centre: contact us here.

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