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Tonneau Solarium # 2 - b.g. SMITH

Summer 2018

Solarium Tournant is pleased to announce that Solarium Tonneau # 2 vinyl has arrived, a proposal by b.g SMITH.

Solarium Tonneau is a sound residence organized in collaboration with the Flaine Art Center.

Delirious U MEAN is the performance result of b.g SMITH’s residence in Flaine at the start of the summer. Back from an immersion in the resort, the artist offers us a breakthrough in the depths of the Alpine sediments. As usual, b.g SMITH begins a sound and visual performance where words and flow become the living matter of a wandering here, volcanic. Accompanied for the occasion by the music of Pr Bug, they set out to open a path to the meanders of mountain architecture to extract the modern musicality of the landscape and try to bring out the FOND Music.

The vinyl follows the performance "Delirious U MEAN" which was held on August 17, 2018 from 7 p.m. in Marcel Breuer's chapel on the Flaine forum (Haute-Savoie).


Mental architecture

is not a style

but an altitude.

Based on the architecture of the Flaine resort,

aspiration in the depths of an emphasis,

probe perspectives

to go find FOND Music.

FOND Music would be the musicality of the depths,

working insides.

We manage to reach it by a flow of flow: celebration of the cerebral vortex.

b.g. SMITH



The performance b.g. SMITH.'s website


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