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The conditions for the appearance of the National School of Arts of Paris-Cergy on its territory give it a special relationship to questions related to architecture and landscape. To better understand these challenges, the school favors periods of immersion in external contexts. The characteristics and the constraints of the place and the spaces are then integrated into the reflection and feed the productions.

As part of the "Arts and Architecture" Research and Creation Workshop, a group of students settled for a week at the Flaine Cultural Center.

Responding to the invitation of its director, Gilbert Coquard, accompanied by Jean-Michel Brinon, professor, and Victor Grillo, artist, the students questioned the nature / architecture relationship so particular to Flaine.

The Graduate School of Art of the Annecy Agglomeration and the ENSAPC are working together again on the site, allowing students from Annecy and Cergy to exchange and share their views on this unique environment.

The photographs, paintings, sculptures and installations that are presented plastically bear witness to the different readings generated by the discovery and the work on the site. This exhibition is the fruit of seven days of intense activity punctuated by discussions, travel, production time ...

Back in their workshops in Cergy or Annecy, the attempts and experiments carried out here will feed their project and perhaps constitute the starting point for new avenues of research and reflection.

Sylvain LIZON

Director of the National School of Arts of Paris - Cergy / December 2011



It is not the first time that the higher art school of the agglomeration of Annecy produces or takes part in an event at the Cultural Center of Flaine and each time it sounds like a challenge, a crazy gesture almost insane and however, in the exact same time it seems obvious, a reality of great simplicity. All this promises, each time, as an eminently stimulating starting point.

Because working in Flaine will always seem a borderline gesture, an almost crazy gesture because the place itself is the bearer of a real irrational power: the primordial elements of nature impose their presence and it can snow there in summer, the thunderstorms and lightning can get there in a matter of minutes, precipitation, showers or snowfall, can transform the landscape in a matter of hours or so - everything from a haven of peace to a threatening cauldron; from the hollow, all round, white and resplendent, to the violently blocked, opaque circus, like a menacing dead end. In any case, one cannot go to work at Flaine without knowing that a good part of what will happen there will literally escape. So, for that it will always be strange, unnatural, crazy, to go and make art there.

But at the same time in Flaine the artists and other invited creators are invited in extremely comfortable conditions. Because the so attentive Center Culturel de Flaine does everything to make it happen at its best, of course, but also, more generally, because in front of the power of the mountain, the couple of Boissonnas, founders of the station, to install another power at the service of men who decide to spend time there: this power is that of architecture, that of constructive imagination, that of the utopia of a just presence of man in a sublime ecosystem. And even today, this is felt as soon as you set foot in Flaine: here, comfort, softness and elegance have taken a stand in the face of the climatic danger or brutality of the mountains - and the Center Cultural of Flaine, a place of work for artists but also a place for pooling culture in all its forms, appears today as one of the most convincing examples of what remains of this initial "position" .

So, as always, because it seems both insane and obvious, for "To many", it is easy to bet that what will be done in Flaine will be of rare intensity. It will be enough for the students to be available to the power of the place - to know how to listen to what brutality and gentleness say together.

Stéphane Sauzedde

Director of the Annecy art school / December 2011

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