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From March 2 to April 25, 2013


“Painting is its free space, like a natural, obsessive space. Those who welcomed him saw a painting leave the movement somewhat for more posed attitudes, in mysterious atmospheres, as if the subject was only the pretext of a portrait of the place, a moment, a feeling, an expectation…

The painter acts quickly, by impulse, filling, rubbing, scratching, as if he had to find the space of a tranquility, forever sought after. The paintings offer large colored surfaces with multiple nuances, in which he poses personal arrangements, more or less unconscious, with more or less described forms. Symbolic elements or images of memory? So this woman, half lying, half dressed, from behind, looking at a colorful and airy distance. A butterfly is there, next to the hand, ready to fly away… Fragile fate, always… ”

Lionel Vallar


"Painter, poster designer, graphic artist, the art of Minhtran is in the street, on the walls and in its recesses, on the bags of a dream merchant, on canvas and under cover ... In permanent movement, his art , timeless, attracts curiosity, fills the hearts of amateurs and collectors. Far from fleeting fury, Minhtran breathes a pictorial melody, in his city first, elsewhere and wherever the wind takes him, in the intimate hope that his art reconciles. "

Martine Romand

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