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François SECHET


Summer 2011


“Music, for me, like photography, is a means, not an end. A means of expression, to get closer to what has a true, full, unique and infinite meaning: the Human. What interests me in my approach to my subjects, which are, for many, musical heroes whom I admire since I am old enough to have an opinion on my listening, it is what they are once take their instrument from their hands. After concert dinners, open bottles of wine, words exchanged, meetings ... From what the public cannot know, from what I have experienced, seen, felt, heard, off stage. "


“What I want with this gallery of portraits, without highlighting the status of the musicians represented (stars or young artists still unknown), is above all, and for once, putting forward the people themselves rather than what they represent in the collective unconscious. Without pedestal, without artifice, my simple human reality of Music ”.

François Sechet, April 2011


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