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March 25 - August 27, 2010


“We had to find a track, Flainoz had collapsed and had left the mark of his skull forever. A green giant who had to bite the pillow and forget his Breuer hearing aid ...

And Lucie who worries me, what is she going to invent to get out of it? "

In August 2009 during my first stay, Gilbert Coquard, Director of the Cultural Center of Flaine, asked me to write a few words to present the exhibition project planned for 2010.

The track was found and the title word play which refers to the Beatles pop song “Lucy in the sky with diamonds” opened up a wide enough field for multiple prospecting possibilities.

The title and its acronym LSD for Lucy in the ski ... gave direction to my photographic introspections. Yves Coppens had also not been influenced by this song since he baptized his discovery with the name of Lucy. Finally Breuer for his architecture in Flaine had developed a “diamond” motif.

During my summer stay period of one week in August 2009 and fed by these associations of ideas, I begin my journey in Flaine with my digital. From these "views" of the station's world, the final choice of photos is oriented towards the idea of ​​an offbeat vision close to an amused perception disorder.

A vision that will approach the idea of ​​a hallucinogenic effect and therefore a visual misunderstanding. The idea being to use reduced means of my digital device to create a universe parallel to the strong mythology of the place, to play with it while keeping the references to the architecture and works of artists (Dubuffet, Picasso, Vasarely , Piffaretti.)


P. Ferrasse, August 2009


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