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« The song of the tracks» 

Laura Tangre

From 26th February to au 19th April 2015


[...] At altitude, sounds gain presence… the movement of grass, the tip-tapping of rain. At times they are smothered by mist. Snow cracking underfoot gives the day a possibility of rupture. The rock sleeps, so make sure you don’t wake it as you pass. No noise, no shouting. [...]


A walk lasts a certain period of time and I photograph an instant of this walk. By framing rocks from a position close to the ground I remind each person of the experiences they have had in these landscapes. While walking, we are always telling ourselves a story, whether we’re in the mountains, on beaches or in woods.


The audio transcript will allow you to discover these images through the voice of an actress reading a text that I wrote. Her feelings, her digressions, her anxiety at the idea of this path, and the parallels which she draws are brought to you through an audio headset.


8 digital photographs in a 110cm x 800cm format (Canson Baryta paper, neutral pH), mounted on 3mm Dibond, 6 wireless headsets, 2 CD devices

1 video, 1tv, 1 DVD devices, 2 headsets


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