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Emilien Adage

March 2016


In March 2016, the artist Emilien Adage was asked by the Arte channel to record a subject for the program "Atelier A".

Usually filmed in artists' studios, Emilien Adage's Atelier A, on his proposal, will be filmed in Charlotte Perriant's Tonneau Refuge, posed in Flaine on the Forum. Emilien Adage will therefore set up his workshop in the refuge, create a piece from the “Simple Form” series. It will also be their place of residence in Flaine, what better than a refuge to spend a week in winter in Flaine! The interview will therefore be carried out in the shelter for a whole day.

"The form is originally an exercise, a diagram in a DIY manual. Described as simple, without function or scale, it has become obsessive. Not knowing what place or function she could occupy, Émilien Adage tried to contextualize it. The Simple Form has become a subject of study "


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